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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tip #1

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is best done by you.  Seems oxymoronic, but most commercial facilities and establishments just need to know that how to clean carpet is more dependent on you than a professional carpet cleaning service.

Tip #1 is simple but effective.

Focus on soil prevention as a way to do carpet cleaning.  Soil gets into a building from various sources.  The most obvious is foot traffic coming into your facilities through doors.  Anyone can just take a closer look to see where foot traffic lanes are.  Putting dirt catchers, rugs, and even scrapers at door entrances and even track off carpets inside the entrances can be a very smart prevention step to keeping your commercial carpets and facility looking better, and keeping us commercial carpet cleaners away.

It’s not always dirt from outside though.  We work with places that track grease and dirt from storage areas, kitchen areas, copy areas, and other in the building sources that cause them to need frequent carpet cleaning.  If you can keep these areas cleaner, especially the floors, you prevent it from walking around to the rest of the building.   This could simply mean more frequently mopping, or dust mopping, or sweeping/vacuuming those areas.  Don’t hesitate to consider a few track off rugs either which is a great way to help avoid carpet cleaning.

Other sources of dirt?  Just airborne dust and dirt settles to the floor and your carpets.   Food and drink stains are big around desks, canteens, break rooms, etc.  How to clean carpet here is secondary to how to prevent carpet cleaning here.  And if I have to mention just being people, we shed a lot of ourselves around just because we do.  Look closely around your desk and chair for example and a lot of what you think is dust, is actually you dust.  Icky but true.  But what ya gonna do about that?   The answer is routine dusting, and vacuuming as part of your carpet cleaning prevention.   Vacuuming is very key to keeping your carpets clean, lesson your need for carpet cleaning, and to good indoor air quality.

I’ll talk about vacuuming in another carpet cleaning tip, including ‘especially’ what vacuums are rated best, and ‘how’ you should vacuum as part of your routine carpet cleaning.

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