Commercial Carpet Cleaning that Saves You Money

Our clients agree we clean better, and save them money.

  • Superior Clean Technology

    Superior Clean Technology

    Our commercial carpet cleaning technology is designed specifically for commercial grade carpets. ASTM testing proves we can clean to 38% even 50% better than traditional methods. keeps carpets cleaner to 50% longer. You save with less frequent carpet cleanings.

  • Green Clean Saves You More

    Green Clean Saves You More

    Your don't have hidden costs with us. We don't need open doors costing you energy, we don't use hundreds or thousands of gallons of your water, (in fact we use 78% less water than steam cleaning) and we don't upsell things you don't need.

  • ASTM tested to keep carpets cleaner to 50% longer

    ASTM tested to keep carpets cleaner to 50% longer

    Your carpets can stay cleaner to 50% longer with our technology. The average is closer to 20%. It means you can save 20% off the normal cost of commercial carpet cleaning.

Save to 65% On Carpet Cleaning.

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Small Business

Prices Start at only


  • Avoid the grunge carpet look. You will be amazed at how good it feels to have fresh clean carpets.
  • Dr. Offices, Retailers, Restaurant, Daycare, Small Banks, etc.
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Bigger Business

As low as 10 cents sqft.


  • Your busy operation can rely on our fast professional service. You say when and we take care of the rest.
  • Larger office space, showrooms, banks, gyms, assisted living, medical centers, churches, etc.
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Large Business Facilities

As low as 6 cents sqft.


  • Professional service at an unbeatable price.
  • Multi-story buildings, office complex, industrial, mega-churches, hospitals, corporate office buildings, schools, etc.
  • Got multiple locations?
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