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Common Questions about Healthy Clean USA Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning and Other Services

Can you provide carpet cleaning services clean for my facility when we are closed.
Yes, we work around your schedule and requirements.  Frequently we work nights or hours your facility is normally closed to customers or employees.  That said however, when things are tight we can also work discreetly in situations where there are no alternatives.  Our process is very quiet, and non-obtrusive.

Can Healthy Clean also Clean Rugs in my facility?
Yes, we commonly clean rugs of most types in facilities without removing them from your property.  In some cases we may require removing the rugs to be processed off-site.

Does your commercial carpet cleaning process clean grease, such as in my restaurant?
Yes, we can clean greasy carpets amazingly well.   The reason your carpets get so black so fast is due to the sticky grease that dirt sticks too like glue.  

Bad carpet odors have been a problem with past carpet cleaners, can you eliminate odors?
Yes, we can eliminate odors.  In most commercial situations odors are caused from bacteria (a bad soured smell), that is initiated with excess water left in the carpet along with plenty of bacterial food source.  Our process both sanitizes your carpets and uses very little moisture that normally evaporates within 15 to 30 minutes.   We never ‘mask’ odors with scents, we neutralize odors by using latest technologies and processes.   We even have technologies that can work instantly to kill odors as in a smoked in room, or can be installed to constantly neutralize odors with photo catalytic oxidation equipment.

We have not hired carpet cleaning in years, and we can’t decide if it’s worth cleaning, or if we need to replace it.
I suggest you make your decision after you let us see if it can be cleaned to your satisfaction.  We can clean an area at no cost so you can decide.

Our normal carpet cleaning service has informed us that our carpets will not get any cleaner than that.  How would we know if that is true or not?
First, there is no real way for you to know, you are trusting your carpet cleaner to know.  In many cases they may be right, and other times what they really mean is that they cannot, or will not spend the necessary time to get your carpets cleaner.    In some cases the stains may indeed be permanent and non-cleanable.   Our experience is that 8 times in 10 we can get carpets clean that other carpet cleaners cannot.   Our approach and method is very different than most.   In stubborn cases you may need to pay a little more to accommodate the required extra time and supplies used to get your carpets cleaned, but that makes far more sense than spending good money to be left with ugly stained dirty carpets anyway.  To keep you existing carpet cleaner honest – contact us and we will see what we can do with your ‘un-cleanable carpet’ at no cost.

Does Healthy Clean accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, all the time.

Does Healthy Clean provide Carpet Care Plans?
Yes, we evaluate your situation and provide advice and plans to keep your carpets at optimal appearance for the least amount of cost.  We also have our EverClean service that gives us the responsibility to maintain your floors for a flat monthly fee.  It means we do whatever is needed to keep your floors looking great, and you don’t have to think about it.  Give it a try because you have better things to do, and it generally cost no more than waiting until your carpet is filthy before getting it cleaned.

Can Healthy Clean provide commercial carpet cleaning services in (Your City)?
Yes, Maybe and No.   We have a growing network of service providers across the USA.   Though we may have a service in your city does not mean we can get you on our schedule when you need us.  Please contact us to inquire about our commercial carpet cleaning service in your area.   Soon we will have a complete page posted with US cities we are servicing.


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