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Office Chairs Eat Commercial Carpet

Office Chairs on carpet is more common than one may think.  As a professional carpet cleaning company, many offices we see have beautiful commercial carpets being horribly noshed on by office chairs.  Some of the blunders are by big fortune 500 companies that have fields of cubicle spaces or workstations, each with the office chairs rolling around directly on the carpet, or is this really an issue?

I might imagine the corporate designer had their way with that decision about office chair mats – too ugly.   And perhaps true.  And perhaps money is no object because without mats the office chairs eat the carpet down to the concrete underneath in some cases.

I don’t really have a dog in that fight, but most people prefer a mat just so their office chair will roll easily. But I’m not one of those, I too am a NO mat preferred because mats are just too slick for the way I like to slouch in my chair:).   Like wise though these mats are cheap compared to commercial carpet replacement, though not too bad if you have commercial carpet squares.

Now last mention here is that sometimes these areas where office chairs have been eating the carpet, there is a lot of ‘ground in dirt’, and is usually black or grey in color.  We know how to clean carpet with these blackened problem areas under office chairs. They can be cleaned nicely with the right carpet cleaning process which we use almost exclusively for commercial carpet cleaning with few exceptions.  But even so those areas under chairs it is an area that requires a little more time than usual, so if you are getting quotes for commercial carpet cleaning services where your office chairs have been munching on carpets – expect a pricing lift (that means cost more) to get those munched dark areas of carpet clean.  Of course though it still will look ‘munched on’ because the carpets is just worn down from the office chairs, so don’t expect your commercial carpet to know how to clean carpet that will solve a worn (eaten) carpet issue.

Healthy Clean will replace these carpet tiles as needed, as part of our commercial carpet cleaning services.  The Client just needs to provide the replacement carpet tiles and we take care of the rest.   Just another way we provide professional services for our clients.



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