prevent carpet cleaning in office or business

Prevent Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Ever wished your commercial carpet would just never get dirty, so hiring a commercial carpet cleaner would never be on your list?

Well that is probably not going to happen soon, but consider what you can do to reduce the need for commercial carpet cleaning in your office, facility or establishment.

During dry weather conditions, 1000 people can be expected to track a total of ¼ lb.  pound of dirt per day into a commercial building.   During wet weather conditions, 12 times more moisture and debris is tracked into buildings.  So this could mean over a 1 year period a lot of dirt just walks into your facilities commercial carpets, where it grinds carpet fibers like sandpaper.

Now figure this.  The estimated cost of removing a pound of dirt from a building is about $500 per pound or more.   So it figures that it would be smart enough to prevent dirt from getting into the building to minimize cost of removal via commercial carpet cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, etc. and carpet replacement, as well as improve the appearance of your commercial carpets and facility.

What can you do to prevent commercial carpet cleaning?

Install walk off mats at every entrance.   Vacuum these mats daily or more if needed.  Many slow vacuum passes over the first 10 feet inside entrances from the outside will remove most tracked-in soil.

It is estimated that 80% of the soil brought into a building can be trapped within the first 12 feet of carpeted surface. In other words, by placing a 12 foot entrance or walk off mat at your entrance doorways, you will eliminate 80% of the soil brought into your office, facility or establishment.

Healthy Clean offers our Always Clean program to clients meaning we will provide the mats you need as part of our commercial carpet cleaning service.  In fact the EverClean program means we keep your carpets clean year round with whatever it takes, and you just pay a flat monthly fee.  You can forget about the hassle and worrying about how to keep your business looking great with clean carpet.  Contact us to learn more.

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