Greenville SC Commercial Services

We help homowners and business testing for and eliminating mold, odors, moisture, energy leaks and more…

– Let us fix your problem with odors in your home or business.

– Got mold? Before you hire a mold remediation company call us, we can give you free fact based advice.

– Moisture or water leak problems can be hard to find so you can fix them. We use thermal imaging to find it quickly and without a lot of expensive tearout. Roofs basements, windows, gutters, faulty construction, etc. are all culprits that can be fixed.

– Energy audit or just want to know how to reduce energy bills? We use our thermal imaging to quickly find and show you where the leaks are. We have helped many homeowners and businesses, and construction companies find and eliminate energy leaks.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Our Specialtyoffice carpet cleaning

    Get premium commercial carpet cleaning in your office or business to remove dirty stained floors cleaned professionally.  Our unique process cleans better and keeps carpets cleaner longer according to ASTM tests.  Office carpet, carpet tiles, restaurant carpet, or any type of commercial grade carpet gets cleaned better than ever.

  • Tile and Concrete Floor Cleaning clean tile floorsand Sealing

    Get commercial cleaning of dirty stained or greasy concrete floors cleaned professionally ready for a sealer, paint, epoxy, staining or other treatment.  Industrial floors, showroom floors, restaurants, kitchens, etc., all need to have floors cleaned from time to time.  Get tile cleaning and grout cleaning, hardwood cleaning and most any type of floor cleaning done.

  • Commercial Upholstery and Fabric Wall Units.

    clean office cubicals and chairsEliminate those ugly spots and stains on your office or business furniture and cubical walls.  It’s far less expensive that purchasing new furniture.  Plus your employees will appreciate the care in their working environment.

  • Commercial Duct Cleaning & Air Quality Services.

    clean office air ventCommercial cleaning of duct and ventilation systems can cut energy costs by 30%.  Dust and debris buildup can cause your ventilation system to work harder than it has too.  We clean commercial ventilation systems professionally and restore your systems ability to operate at peak levels.

    Indoor air quality is well known to affect your work environment.  Healthy Clean can help you analyze if you have an indoor air quality problem such a allergens, mold or other harmful particulate.  Even VOC’s can be measured which is a frequent problem in facilities with chemicals or copier facilities.  We offer effective solutions that are temporary or permanent as you need.

  • Forever Germ Free Environments

    office germs illnessHealthy Clean has special programs for facilities that wish to promote a hygienic germ free environment for customers or employees.  This cost effective service uses 2 major technologies installed into your facility that inhibits surface germs (killing them on contact) and airborne germs using a technology proven to be effective against germs, virus and even allergens.  Benefits include reduced illness among employees and customers with reduced cost associated with same.  Both technologies have proven safety records and agency approvals.

    Perfect for offices, day care centers, health facilities, gymnasiums, schools, assisted living, churches, etc.

    Call for more information and quote.  If you are a daycare owner or managing an assisted living ask about our ‘promotional logo’ to market your ‘hygiene care’ with customers.

  • Water Removal and Flood Disaster Restoration 

    Call us at 864-513-1275.  Don’t blindly call any local carpet cleaner or disaster restoration company for your commercial project, as most of these small businesses are not equipped nor have the resources to handle larger commercial projects properly and FAST!!.  Every hour your business cannot operate 100% is costing you business and revenue.   Healthy Clean USA can get you back in business FAST – 864-513-1275.

    Get professional guidance and fast action to minimize the potential damage of water and flood in your building or facility.  Healthy Clean can assess and coordinate your project to ensure your business or facility is back in full operation quickly.   We can represent your interest with your insurance carrier and take care of all the business of getting you back in business.

    Healthy Clean has managed large loss water and flood damage problems for commercial superstructures and large office buildings and hotels.  We also respond to smaller businesses and commercial facilities such as retail, churches, professional offices, and more.  Some of these have included Superstructures, Banks, Office Buildings including 100,000sqft + office facilities, and more.    We work with thermal imaging equipment and closely with strategic partners including engineers, environmental services, and others as needed.


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