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restaurant floor cleaning odors

Restaurant Floors Clean Secrets

Restaurants have special carpet cleaning challenges that many other businesses don’t have. In this blog I hope to give you some better understanding of what Healthy Clean USA has learned about cleaning carpets in restaurants.

green cleaning environmentally friendly carpets

Green Carpet Cleaning

I’d like to clarify what green carpet cleaning is really all about or not about. When you hear ‘Green’ what pops into your mind? Green, trees, forest, good for our environment, safe, organic, etc. Most people have a vague general idea about what green carpet cleaning might mean to them.

confused carpet cleaning client

Your carpet is ruined and can’t be cleaned.

How to clean carpet properly is often the real problem when you are told your carpet will not get any cleaner. Most often the carpet cleaner does not know how to clean carpet for your case, or does not intend to spend the time to diagnose and get your carpet clean.

best carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner for commercial carpets

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tip #2, Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming is vital to commercial carpet cleaning and it’s something you should do frequently. We talk about why cleaning carpet of dry soil is important, how to vacuum carpets clean properly, and show you some top rated commercial vacuums for cleaning carpets with your vacuum.

walking on commercial carpet

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tip #1

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is best done by you. Seems oxymoronic, but most commercial facilities and establishments just need to know that commercial carpet cleaning is more dependent on you than a professional carpet cleaning service.

office carpet cleaning chairs carpet damage

Office Chairs Eat Commercial Carpet

Office Chairs and Commercial Carpets are just part of the office ecosystem. At the top of the food chain is your humble office chair, and one of it’s favorite prey is commercial carpet.

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