confused carpet cleaning client

Your carpet is ruined and can’t be cleaned.

Hmmm, carpet cleaning services have no other way to break the bad news… your carpet is ruined and can’t be cleaned any better than that.

It’s not really a statement, but rather an apology because of the disappointment of carpet that still looks dirty.   Really, you might say.   What should I do?  You may hear that you will need to replace your carpet.

Why do I even bring this issue up at all!   I would have never ever believed I would be, except that I hear this from soooo many clients as we are completing an initial review of their commercial carpets for potential cleaning.  Things like, uuuh don’t even worry about trying to clean that area, it’s ruined, or the last cleaner said that area will need to be replaced, it can’t be cleaned.

I used to hear those things and and my brain would just go blank.   Thinking about it even more I really think I was always just holding my yap – because I do not want to speak badly of carpet cleaning companies that made that conclusion and statement.   But what they really mean to say is that they don’t know how to clean carpet any better, or will not spend the necessary time to get the carpet clean.

Now, I cautiously reply with a ‘are you sure’, or do you mind if we try to clean it before you replace it, etc.    Being fair, there are times when the carpet is just shot – can’t be cleaned.   Permanent stains and damage by chemicals, burns, acids, and who knows what.   And some commercial carpet types do require a lot more time or know how to get an acceptable clean carpet result.

I for example remember this dilemma.  I’m called by a restaurant to please try to help him with his carpet filth troubles.  I drive 45 minutes to get to him early one morning and he shows me the black lane at his entrance and throughout his restaurant.  He had tried several carpet cleaners with no luck.  How to clean carpet in this case was simply not known because they could not diagnose the problem.

At first I thought it was just grease, but I eventually realized it was the tar resins from the brand new parking lot.  Now normally that might be difficult to clean, but we could indeed clean it.  But in this case, I could not hardly put a dent in the black stuff.   So I finally sat down and looking at the carpet more closely – I realized it was not an everyday synthetic fiber of nylon, polypropylene, olefin, etc.   No, this stuff was ‘hemp’.  What’s hemp – it’s that stuff you make ropes with, it’s a natural fiber that requires special care, and really does not belong in a restaurant.

I’ll be right back I mentioned to the restaurant owner – and came back with a bottle of degreaser which indeed was capable of cleaning the black stuff pretty well.   But it was also expensive and would be labor intensive, and not good for the carpet.   Indeed I suggested to him to save his money on getting the carpet cleaned, and focus on walk off mats and just replace the carpet with a nylon stain resistant carpet.  The perpetual cost to clean his carpets would be far more than replacing the carpet.

But, in most situations we find that the carpet simply was not cleaned well because…. someone does not know how to clean carpet in a difficult case.   Professionally it is usually because they don’t have the right process, right knowledge, or willingness to spend the necessary time and attention to actually diagnose then clean the carpets proper.confused carpet cleaning client

So in conclusion – most times (but not all times) you are probably being duped with the idea that your carpets are ruined and can’t be cleaned.  It’s just not true.  What they really meant to say was ‘I don’t know how to clean carpet with this problem, or I will not spend the necessary time to diagnose and clean the carpet proper.’

Yes this was the case with one of my first ‘commercial carpet cleaning jobs in the very bank I banked at’.  There was a black path between those ‘velvet ropes’ right up to the teller counter.  I mentioned they didn’t need the velvet ropes, because it was easier to just stay on the black path.   The reply was that they would be replacing the carpets soon because the carpets were ruined according to their regular carpet cleaning company.  By chance I convinced the Manager to let Healthy Clean try to get them looking a little better.

The next morning after we cleaned the banks’ carpets, I received a phone call from the bank manager.  Giggling she explained she had to call me because everyone was so happy that they finally got the new carpet installed.  She of course did finally tell everyone it was not new carpets, rather they had been cleaned.

This really is not unusual for us at all with commercial carpet cleaning.   If only I had a video of the time we cleaned right behind several other carpet cleaners who could not clean an area with the county government.  The poor fellow was so confused because in one second there was a filthy stain that he was convinced could not be removed.  He got temporarily distracted for 3 or 4 seconds and looked back again just after I cleaned the spot.   The spot (2 x 2 foot size) was totally gone and I think it blew his mind.(See the Picture!)   I spent the next 30 minute chasing him around as he kept challenging me to clean this, clean that, try this, how bout that stain… it was all very fun.

Please – next time you are told your carpet is ruined and can’t be cleaned – consider the matter of ‘how to clean carpet’.  That perhaps you need a different commercial carpet cleaner, or just be sure it’s really ruined and uncleanable before you tap the budget for new carpet.  Or contact us and we will see if we can get you a commercial carpet cleaner from our verified and approved network.  We know how to clean carpet, especially commercial carpet. 864-513-1275.

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